What’s One Intrepid Life?


Hey, I’m Christine!

bear lakeI’m a freelance writer and the voice behind One Intrepid Life, a travel blog for busy families who want to add more adventure to their overscheduled lives.  Through bite-sized travel ideas, planning and budget tips, and photo inspiration, I show busy families that they don’t have to travel far or spend a lot of money to live intrepidly.

We are the 9 to 5’ers in our earning years, looking to squeeze a little family fun and exploration in between work, school, homework, baseball practice, cheer practice, orthodontist appointments, birthday parties, cleaning the house, science projects, yard work, house projects… well, you get the idea.

We want to instill a love of adventure in our kids and show them that there’s plenty to learn about the world right outside our back door – after all, we live in one of the most diverse, boundless countries on earth.


So here you’ll find:

  • Day and weekend trip ideas that you can use wherever you live – These bite-sized breaks are perfect for a mini-recharge after a long week of work and school.
  • Vacations with kids that fit into school holidays – not only in finding the unexpected close by, but ideas to reach a little further, too.
  • Disney planning and packing tips – Disney is a vacation like no other, and as a parent, you need to prepare yourself.  With an annual pass, we’ve earned our Disney stripes and will pass along the lessons we’ve learned, so that you won’t feel like you need a vacation from your vacation when you get home!
  • Grownup getaway ideas – thank god for these!
  • General vacation planning and packing tips – doing some legwork up front helps you hit the ground running when that timer on your free time starts.
  • Photos, photos, photos – How many photos do you take on EVERY trip?  What do we do with thousands of memories hanging out there in digital purgatory?  No one wants to leave the Cloud password as their lasting legacy to future generations.  Let’s get those puppies organized, archived, and preserved, once and for all.  I need help with this too, so we’ll slay this beast together.
  • In the meantime, I’ll share ideas on how to get some photos of your adventures off your phone and into your life with unique ways to display them in the home, so everyone can enjoy them (not just your Instagram followers).


Who am I?  A little about me:

about birds

I’ve spent most of my life in beautiful Colorado. I was a stockbroker for 15 years, juggling a career, a home, and raising two girls, but that all changed when we moved to New Orleans.  I fell in love with New Orleans from the moment I stepped foot there.  I often guest post for travel sites about the city, and you will see me spreading a lot of Big Easy love on here, too – because I believe that everyone needs a little New Orleans magic in their souls.

These days I call south Florida home, but still spend every summer in cool, gorgeous Colorado.  How long will I be in Florida?  It’s anyone’s guess.  But I learn something new each time we move, and since I never can sit still for long anyway, I will take you along for the ride.

I’m a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, I guest post on popular blogs, and I’m seen in several mainstream media outlets. Check out my press page here:


I’m also a freelance writer who provides quality website content, blog writing, and copyediting services to entrepreneurs, businesses, and bloggers.  If you would like to chat more about working with me, head on over to my writing website here.

Wanna get social?  I like to hang out on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn the most.  Come say hi!

When I’m not traveling or writing, you can find me indulging in spicy Indian food (a craving that must be fulfilled on a regular basis), Big Bang Theory reruns, and the occasional oreo(s).


A few of my quirks (AKA, To Know Me is to Love Me):

about me 2


  • I now own 4 Mardi Gras wigs in several different colors, and I think a lot about which color I want next (lavender?).  I feel weird taking selfies, except when wearing my Mardi Gras wigs!  Then it’s all selfies, all the TIME.
  • I hate wine and beer (yeah I said it!) – I’ll take a vodka and soda any day.
  • I’m terrified of bees, flying (highly inconvenient, as I love to travel), and the dentist.
  • I love reading Jane Austen novels, and I have a thing for dead royals, reading everything I can get my hands on about them (even though I don’t possess a drop of British blood – I don’t think).
  • I love reading all the classics – I’m that buzz kill that brings War and Peace to the book club.
  • I go to bed at 9 p.m and get up at 5 a.m, which is when I’m at my best – my friends and family in other time zones are used to getting texts from me at 3 or 4 a.m (sorry, guys).

I look forward to sharing my stories about travels, kids, my latest creative endeavors, and everything in between.  There will be a lot of humor, some serious moments, a huge dose of my usual quirks, and some serious geek-outs.  Oh yeah – and a little cussing, too.

I hope that the experiences and lessons we’ve learned along the way will inspire your family to live a little more intrepidly, too, no matter where you call home!